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Originally Posted by jack_crowley84 View Post
Thank you so much for all this information ampk! ^_^

I'm very concerned for her safety where she is, with no job currently it's near impossible for her to keep going so hence my wanting to get her here together with me. The job market over there in the US is awful.

I didn't want to possibly not have a 12 month visitor visa for her, if she was considered to be a genuine temporary entrant :/ so hence me posting here to see what others experiences are in successfully having gone through situation similar to mine.

Would you recommend a 309 or PMV in my situation? And you're saying it's best to apply for one before the visitor visa? I don't know what to even go for in any case to have her here in the short term for us to live together for a while so we may see if things work out for marriage. Should I avoid a visitor visa all together in case it's declined?
Honestly, see if she qualifies for the 462 if you want her to live here first before spendingg $7000k + other costs on a partner visa. Easy enough to get, takes less than a month usually and only a few hundred dollars. She can come to Oz and has the option to work if she wants to, unlike an ETA or visitor visas and it's valid for 12 months so no need to worry about applying for a visitor visa.

She can still decide to go offshore for a 300 app or wait out on the 462 until you have enough evidence for an 820/801 app. If she's willing to do work in northern Australia (note I said Australia and not Territory), she has the option to extend the 462 to a second year.

Also, have you actually met in person yet? If not, you aren't eligible for any partner visa yet.