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Hello again! I'm sorry about the delay in replying.

After some checking through of our options, it seems like we can't go for the 462 visa as she doesn't have a copy of her GED, and it will take some time to get a replacement with her current name, sadly. We were told it would be over a month, at the very least, which is disappointing. So we fail to satisfy the requirement of the 462 in having a secondary school certificate on paper.

So now we're looking at the 600 Visa, for 12 months. Is this generally quite common getting approved? Is there anything I should be aware of, catches or anything for the future after that, or limitations? She will be traveling here with her savings, and is between jobs presently, with the intention to return to work after her holiday here.

In her medical history she does have a history of some hypertension, too, Otherwise free of health problems. Medical insurance here is more for her own peace of mind. Having said that though I did wonder if there's any issue with getting a visa with hypertension? If we should look at getting a doctors letter confirming she's healthy to travel, or if we need to get a medical check done over there, or here? It's hard to determine which option.

At present, we're looking at applying for a 600 visa with an RMA in the coming month, and then hoping it's approved. After that we see how things go in a de facto relationship for some time, and go for an 820/801. Thank you everyone here for all of your help!!