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IMMI Request for Information Question

Hi, just a quick question as I'm a little confused. I'm currently waiting for my wife's temporary partner 820 visa to be granted (applied in early January), after her prospective marriage visa 300 was granted last August. On March 12th we received an email asking for myself (the sponsor) to submit an Australian National Police Check ASAP, or to respond within 28 days. Within less than a week I obtained and uploaded my NPC to my immiaccount, replied to the email they sent me to let them know, and just to be extra safe, I also notified them within my immiaccount that I'd uploaded it. It's been a week or two since then, and I haven't heard anything back from them, so I was just wondering if it's normal to not receive a response yet. I'm just worried because when we were doing the prospective marriage visa and they requested more information from us, the visa was granted shortly after we supplied the remaining information, yet this time we've been met by radio silence. Any help is appreciated, thanks.