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Pease Help me!! IMMI Request Checklist and Details

Hi everyone, i have been doing a lot of reading on this helpful forum and this is my first post so please correct me if i'm wrong with anything

I applied for Stage 1 - Partner or Prospective Marriage Visa (300,309/100,820/801) on September 2017 and got an email asking for more information on 26/3/2018 asking me to complete these things

Evidence of length of de facto relationship (at least 12 months)
Relationship history statements
Evidence of your relationship with your de facto partner

I am sorry that my post might be long but I have some questions that i would like you guys to help me with if you can that would be much appreciate

1) I just lodged my "relationship register" application today is that still okay because they said that it will take 28 days for the application to complete?
2) Is it true that they don't require 12 months living together if you have relationship register?
3) Does anyone has any template of the statement or know any website that i can look for just to have an idea of what to write as i am just an international student and i am not very good at writing?
4) My partner and i have been living together for more than a year but we didn't have anything like room rental agreement/ utilities bills (the landlord cover everything including water, gas, electricity, internet) and the owner take cash from us and our housemates are all the same. We do have the rent receipts every month though so how can i explain to the immigration
about the bills?

Thank you for reading my post and please help with these questions
Please let me know what i can do with my situation

Once again thank you guys