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I am becoming incredibly impatient and frustrated with the wait time on the 461 visa.
How is it that permanent residency applications are processed between 8 and 9 months yet a TEMPORARY 5 year visa is taking 14-23 months?!?!?! It’s absolutely insane! I guess they’re favouring PR visas over temp ones?
I wonder if the changes to the 457 visa meant more people were opting for the 461 instead, hence the wait time I don’t know.
My partner is from NZ, I am from the UK. Currently on a 457 which expires in August this year. We applied for the visa in June, so it’s been 10 months so far.
I’ve seen posts in other forums where people have passed 14 months and still haven’t been assigned a case officer…
My bridging visa comes with travel limitations meaning I am unable to leave the country in August onwards. This proves to be a problem as I have family coming to visit and we plan to travel to NZ.
Praying for a good outcome but my patience is wearing severely thin now.
If anyone has recently had their visa approved recently, or have at least been assigned a case officer, please reply – I’m searching for success stories but unable to find any ☹

ALSO: will i need to apply for my Aus and UK police checks again? The immi website states the certificates must be from the issue date of the visa back 10 years? My certs were provided around this time last year...

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