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Originally Posted by Jenny68 View Post
I read info on this forum before to prepape 820/801 app myself. I would like to share my story to say thank you. My 801 was approved 9 days after the eligible date.
I have been living in Australia for nearly 7 years on another visa.
April 2016: lodged 820 online.
I completed a police check and health examination in April 2016.
Sep 2017: CO contacted for another police check because the previous one expired. CO said I needed to provide the police check in 8 days, otherwise I had to do the health examination again because this would expire in 8 days. I thought I wish I have done another police check earlier, so I would not be in this situation. This is an experience to everyone who has provided a police check early.
Sep 2017: Police check came late (after 8 days). I was requested to do another health examination. I decided not to do the examination at that time because I was pregnant. I don’t want risks because of Xray.
Feb 2018: I completed a health examination after giving birth to our child.
4 days later: 820 was approved. An officer called me right before the grant notification went through. She said they could not approve 801 for me right away because it had not been 2 years yet (Our relationship is more than 3 years and we have a child together). She said I would be eligible for 801 in April 2018. I asked whether I should email the 801 processing centre by then. She said I could try.
Mar 2018: I uploaded documents for 801.
Mid April: Eligible for 801
I forgot to email the centre until 8 days after the eligible date because of being busy looking after a newborn baby.
1 day after my email: My 801 was approved. So it means my 801 was approved 9 days after the eligible date.
Thank you everyone on this forum. I am sorry if I can’t reply your questions if any because I am quite busy at the moment.
what did you write in that email and to who ? I mean what email address

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