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Question Health examination required in this stage???

Hello, My fiance applied for PMV one month before and he received an automatic e-mail to do biometrics which he responded after some days and we pressed the button for information provided.

My question has to do with the health examination. We are planning to do the examination after some months so that they won't get expired.

However, when I check the application it says "Actions required
Arrange health examinations
" -->  "This person is required to complete health examinations for this visa application. Click on the link below to organise these health examinations. Organise health examinations.​
Once this person's health examinations results have been assessed by the department this page will be updated to reflect this.
Note: If this person does not complete the required health examinations the visa application can be refused

Is this supposed to be there anyway? or it means that he is requested to do the health examination now? He hasn't received any e-mail for that. I just want to make sure we haven't misunderstood the procedure.
Thank you in advance.