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Hi Everyone!

The last time i was here was when i first applied for my visitors visa to visit my fiancÚ for the first time! A year after we are now married (we got married in the Philippines last February) and i am not a BVA holder!

I submitted my onshore visa application 820 last week and 15minutes after submission, i received my BVA grant! I compiled and organized all our evidences as how it was advised here in the forum! Thank you for continuesly being helpful! Keep it up!

Now the waiting for 17-24months starts and hoping for the best outcome. I just have a few questions and hoping for your wise advice.

1. My BVA grant says : “No condition.” Does it mean that i can already work when it becomes active? I really want to start getting busy because waiting can sometimes cause anxiousness which i do not want to be. I am currently volunteering for Salvation Army.

2. I have not set my appointment for my medical and police check as i was told that it is better to have it done either few months after submission or at least 10 months after to make it valid and updated before a CO gets assigned to us. Is that a good decision? I already submitted my national police check from PH as it is valid for 1 year.

3. We are still living with his parents 3 months after the wedding to help me settle in here in AU but we plan to move already next month so we can start collecting joint bills,etc to update our evidences, is that alright? I’m a Christian and as conservative as it may sound, we never live in together before our wedding so we do not have any joint utilities yet. I also used to have a job while we were dating and have my own bank account so i didnt realy rely to him for money not until when we were planning that we have to share and transfer money for our shared wedding expenses. We have all our evidences when we were still dating like travel tickets, wedding expenses receipts, photos etc. My parents in law also were so kind to sign a Stat Dec for us that we are currently living with them. A friend suggested to get an updated Stat Dec with Superannuation thought, will that be something which will be considered?

4. Can i apply for learners/drivers card while im on BVA? I would like to be independent while my husband is at work so i can run errands on my own, so i wanted to learn how to drive. I dont have a PH drivers licence.

5. I uploaded at least 55 docs ( we both only have space for 60 each) in my evidence and 15 docs in my husband’s part. If any case, we need to update documents, is it possible to upload it under his name if ever i dont have enough space in my online application? Can’t seem to unattach the duplicate files i mistakenly uploaded twice. My bad.

Hope someone can answer a question or two that i have. Sorry for the long post!

Finally, i hope that we keep out hopes high and relentless faith as we continuously wait for the outcome of all our applications. I know it wasn’t always easy to wait but let’s keep pushing til we get there.

God bless! 🙂
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