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Process for PMV - Subclass 300 - 2018

My partner and I met at work and we've been together for two years now, we are not officially engage but we are in a long distance I currently work here in Singapore and he lives in Sydney he is an Aussie and I Filipino. We have registered our relationship last December in NSW but we are still trying to find out what is the correct visa we should apply.

I am totally new in this site and decided to sign up so I can research about PMV or Partners visa.

I have the feeling that the right visa for us should be PMV because we are long distance but maybe just a little confuse and dont know where to start

My fiance and I is planning to apply before end of the year or earlier.

I have read some of the requirements in IMMI and read the booklet.

I have printed all the forms like 40SP,80 and 47SP to read through so I can assess things.

I also want to start doing the other documents like history of relationship, screenshots of pictures and collate it and all my other documents stated on the IMMI.

I was just hoping i could create thread for people who are starting to apply PMV so we can share things about the process of PMV.