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Originally Posted by NatMas View Post
Great news! Received my 820 grant this morning! I applied for an additional Bridging B Visa last week and the grant for that was issued yesterday after which they issued me my 820 visa rendering my Bridging B obsolete. And now the long wait for 801 begins!

Submitted AFP and FBI checks: 26 March 2018.
Health, AFP, UK and Indian Clearance Requested: 2 April 2018
Indian Police Clearance Submitted: November 2017
BUPA Health Exam: 18 April 2018
All documents submitted: 21 April 2018
820 Partner Visa granted: 18 July 2018
Hi! Congrats

Quick question on the timeline, did you submit your application on Nov 2017 or Mar 2018? What were the 'all documents submitted' April 21, 2018?

Thank you

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