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Originally Posted by le parner visa View Post
Visa Conditions:

Your visa is valid to the date stated in the section titled "AUTHORITY TO ENTER AUSTRALIA VALID TO" above (or to the expiry date of your passport);
This is a 12 month multiple entry visa. The maximum time you are allowed to stay each time you enter Australia on this visa in 3 months;
The 3 month visit limit does not start until the date you arrive in Australia, so any changes to your intended travel date are acceptable, as long as it is within the visa validity date stated above;
You must be free from tuberculosis at time of travel to Australia;
You must not have one or more criminal convictions, for which the sentence or sentences (whether served or not) are for a total period of 12 months duration or more, at the time of travel to Australia;
You have the right to study for a maximum of 3 months while holding this visa;
You are generally not permitted to work in Australia as the holder of this visa. However, some limited business activities are acceptable (such as attending conferences or meetings).

So this is mi visa conditions, so if I leave the country let s say on the 15th, I ll have 2 days left on the visa which means i don t need a bvb?
And the bva will start 2 days after I come back?
So confusing...
With that visa, you must stay the entire 3 month stay period for the BVA to go into effect. So no, you wouldn't need a BVB as the BVA won't go into effect on the 18th because you're leaving on the 15th (you have to be onshore). So whenever you return to Australia, the 3 month stay period resets and you'll have to wait that entire 3 months while remaining onshore, and then after that time while still onshore, the BVA can go into effect. And until, you're bound by the conditions of the visitor visa (meaning no work rights).

So whatever day you plan to reenter Australia, add 3 months to that.

Personally, I wouldn't have left until the BVA was in effect and you had a BVB. I'm not sure if you'll have issues entering Australia again on that visitor visa if you already have a permanent visa application in and they decide that you're not a genuine visitor since you plan to stay permanently. I've never been in that position so that's just a personal thought on it. Might be worth seeking professional advice to see what they say as you don't want to get caught out not being able to reenter the country. Don't mean to stress you out but it's worth double checking.

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