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Originally Posted by acroft View Post
Hi all. First time poster, long time reader.

Made my application for the 820 on 10/9/18, and the waiting begins. I'd been in the country for a year on a WH visa, while my Australian partner and I decided if it was viable to stay long term (and pony up the $$$). Established relationship for more than 3 years. Applied directly rather than through an agent.

I have a few questions that I couldn't find answers on anywhere else:

- My confirmation of application email only makes reference to my application for the 820, not the 801. Is this normal?

- I can see people discussing police checks for their partner/sponsor in this thread. I gave details on my holidays and living arrangements in the last 10 years as part of the application, but didn't see any reference to places my partner has lived/vacationed. Did I miss something?

- Now that I'm on the bridging A I need to re-enrol in medicare, should I do this on my reciprocal agreement (UK Citizen) or on the basis of having applied for a visa which grants permanent residency (801)? Not sure especially since there is no reference to the 801 on my acknowledgement email.

Thanks and good luck to all who are still waiting.
My 820/801 acknowledgement letter (the PDF attached to the email, not in the email) stated this at the top in bold letters: Acknowledgement of application received for a Partner (Temporary) (class UK)
(subclass 820) / Partner (Residence) (class BS) (subclass 801) visa
. And according to immigration, it's still the same process: You apply for both the permanent and temporary visas at the same time and pay only one fee. Try opening the grant letter that's in your immi account and see if that one shows both subclasses.

Police checks and the travel information required in both the online application for the applicant and the sponsor's online form are two different things. These two things are also different to the Form 80. You'll have to clarify the question a bit more.

You were eligible for Medicare the day you made the 820/801 application and received the acknowledgement letter. This has nothing to do with being on the BVA or not. You should apply for Medicare as a permanent residency applicant (the 801 part of the 820/801 application). You'll be issued an interim card but you have all the same Medicare as someone with a normal card. The difference is your card will say "interim" and be valid for one year at a time while you are waiting to finish the partner visa process. Each year, a new interim card valid for another year was sent automatically. Once you get PR, you'll be given a regular card with the longer expiration date. Keep in mind you'll always need to update paperwork when you get the new interim card each year as the last digit and expiry changes.

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