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Originally Posted by Skybluebrewer View Post
The application is for both the 820/801. Stage 2 is eligibility, not application. The application fee is actually covering the permanent residency application, hence why nothing is paid at Stage 2, because it's not an application.

Also, the only reason applicants are eligible for Medicare is because they've made the permanent visa application, which is the 309/100 and 820/801. You don't need to reach Stage 2 eligibility to be eligible for Medicare.

At least when my partner (sponsor) did the sponsorship form, the travel history was a section in there for him as well.
Thanks for correcting the terms for application/not application. Just thought thats what everyone is saying here '801 application'
PMV Application : 13/08/14 (from Indonesia) Medicals : 25/08/14 PMV Granted : 20/05/15
820 Application : 17/01/16 Request more info : 17/05/16 820 Granted : 27/05/16
801 Eligibility : 17/01/18 801 Application: 04/02/18 801 Granted : 17/09/18

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