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Originally Posted by mrsmorrow28 View Post
Im under the impression you should only be applying if you are genuine about making a life here and with what you have written above that doesn't really reflect the scenario or support your visa application. Surely the government would not look kindly on completing it 'just in case' and it also clogs the system and approvals process for those who are genuinely trying to be with their family and loved ones
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Originally Posted by ZoeKaur View Post
There are people on the list waiting years to get through the system, people for whom it is their only way to live happily together. Do you really want to add your application to the system?
I have to second this, considering that I'm waiting in America for my visa to be granted and have been separated from my husband for a year and a half now due to the clogged up immigration system. I can't imagine that people who really don't need this visa would contribute to creating even more of a delay for people who do....
I understand the difficulties. Trust me, I do. My partner and I have spent the past year between her in Australia and me in South Africa and it's been really quite painful. Long distance isn't easy at all.

However, there is no quota of these visas. Which means I'm not taking it away from someone. At worst, I'm just one more application, of the hundreds of thousands.

I wouldn't tell them that it's just in case, of course.