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Originally Posted by Furryball View Post
Yes I thought so too - when I thought it was $660 - $700 I even told them I'd pay it myself! I work in television on contracts so company sponsorship just won't happen - also I leave in a few weeks.

Is the PMV where your family sponsor you? I've looked at that also and because my family live in the city it doesn't count as living in regional australia so they can't sponsor me either!

It's just so sad that I can't come back at all - I don't know how other couples manage to meet, form a relationship and decide to move in together and then apply for a de facto visa all in one year when your visa is only a year long. Am I missing something?

What about if he moved over to the UK next year and we lived together for a whole year then? Would I then be able to move back with him and apply for the visa while we're living together in the UK? By then we will have been together 2 years...
Yes, he could go over to England and living together for 12 months would get the relationship requirement met.
Re the relationship registration, you still need to show a relationship exists and not having lived together is your problem.
If he can go to England, have you considered a WHV in New Zealand and he can go over there with you for it's a lot closer to get the 12 months together.