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Finding a migration agent in Brisbane to discuss PR

Hi! I seem to be getting close to the point where I could apply for PR. Right now I'm on the WHV and hoping to get on a skilled visa soon. I seem to only have a couple steps left before being on that final bridging visa. I have some anxiety and I also want to double check if everything is down pat so I don't mess up when my WHV time is ticking.

I would greatly appreciate being able to find a migration agent here in Brisbane, but I don't know the first thing about being able to find one that is appropriate.

Some of them seem to be really serious or really expensive ventures. I don't know how necessary that is for me. I have heard some will do discounted (or free) rates for just an hour chat or so. This seems to be the typical "coffee date pick your brain" fee a lot of people in businesses will do. Note: I am not going to pressure anyone for handouts. Quality help is worth it. Even if I don't have a lot of money right now, I'm here to move. But still, it seems like there are confusing levels of help that migration agents offer.

I tried posting in facebook groups about this but haven't had recommendations yet. Thanks so much, everyone!