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Hey deepchand,

Congratulations on your acceptance. About Q1 and Q4, I'm not sure, but from what I read if the dependents apply with the primary applicant within the same application, the standard processing times are not affected significantly. However, if the dependents apply with a separate application, it usually takes them longer. (Take advice from someone who knows this with experience)

Q2. <> Use this link to get details of how to obtain the HAP ID, it will most likely be required for applicants from India. You WILL need your HAP ID to complete a health clearance. Having the health exam done before applying for the visa seems to help in reducing processing delays. But you can also wait for the department of home affairs to contact you about health examinations after you submit you visa application without having a medical check done in advance.

Q3. Police clearance might not be needed unless the department contacts you and if the clearance is mentioned as required on your immiaccount. I'd recommenced you wait to get a confirmation from the department before you get a police clearance. I'm sure the department of home affairs webpage will have details of how to obtain police clearance in India.

Make sure you provide all the required documents while you submit the application, visa grant is much quicker in this case. My application was incomplete when I submitted on 10th August 2018, and I'm still waiting for the grant. Hope you have better luck than me!

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To start off, I just received my offer letter for PhD from University of Adelaide. There are no good immigration counsellors/ consulants in India. All that they are going to do is refer to the website (which you can already do urself). So hope this forum helps !!
1. If one wishes to take family along with, Would like to know the pros and cons of applying Student VISA along with ACCOMPANYING DEPENDENTS or SUBSEQUENT ENTREES for family?
2. What is this HAP ID? How to generate? Can one have a health check without that ID?
3. Is police check necessary? If so is it through passport office?
4. Is there a difference in VISA processing time for whole family Vs only Individual?