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We just received an unexpected Christmas present when we realised that my darling was probably pregnant!
We see the Doctor next week to confirm but the tester was positive

The burning question now is do I include this on the PMV 300 application which I can submit in the next days?
Can I ignore this at this stage as we don't have anything official
Will it be a plus or a minus at this stage for her fiance visa application?

Reading this post 6 months on is very informative
I have completed everything required for the PMV 300 but not finished with the Evidence of relationship before final submission for decision

It has been so much harder than expected. I applied for and was granted the visitor Visa in Thailand in 3 days while I was still visiting to assist with everything.
I was so excited by this I rushed to buy her a ticket only to arrive back to an email asking for medicals and police checks for her and her son for the PMV 300.

If my fiancee had stayed in Thailand for one more week these could have been done in days instead of a couple of months. It would have cost much less too.

I then applied for a new visitor visa 600 in Australia in October. This took the more normal two weeks and she was granted 6 months more until April 2019.

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