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Hi, I'm Shirlzz, I'm from Melbourne. My finance immigrated here from the Netherlands 12 years ago to the day.. He is currently in NL and has been since 6th October 2017... He went home for a months holiday and when he went to board the flight to come home he was told the travel part of his permanent resident visa had expired.. As he organised the entire holiday himself without a travel agent he didn't know about a Return Resident Visa (RRV). He hired an immigration agent and he applied for a RRV the very next day.. I had to get him an AFP check due to an incident without conviction that occurred 6 months after he first arrived..and has been at VACCU ever since.. With the case manager till end of may, then given to the decision maker (delegate)..
The time this is taking has had a terrible toll on our life..
The life we had before his holiday was good and secure.. Now we are in financial ruin.. Defaulted on Loans and credit cards.. He lost his job (a management position) in a reputable Australian owned automotive repair company..
I guess I'm lost, not only do I not know if the RRV will be approved but how much longer can it take (In Due Course) and at what personal cost to us. I wonder if anyone else has experienced something similar.. Or if any light can be shed