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Originally Posted by CCMS View Post
The change is that the sponsor needs to be approved before the visa application can be lodged. If you are on a temporary visa and the stay period runs out, before the sponsorship is approved, it may become problematic.We are not sure when it will come in. Some are tipping 17 April.

If you can't register the relationship, a simple civil wedding will have more or less the same effect insofar that you won't need to meet the 12 month de-facto requirement.

You will still need to meet the overall relationship requirements though.

It is not just a matter of being confident, as someone suggested. It is a matter of actually having the appropriate evidence for your circumstances. No two cases are the same. What worked for one person at a particular moment in time, may not work for someone else.
Regarding the changes that will soon come into place (possibly April) my question is: will it effect an application thats already been lodged?

I lodged my 820 in Nov.2018 and am just wondering if in the event my application hasn't been reviewed by April will the new laws effect my application? currently mine says 'received' and has not yet been assigned a processing office or case worker. I do however have a very solid case, with heaps of evidence so I'm not too worried about that and also plan to have our relationship registered by April as well. Thank you so much for your advise, time and help!

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