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Originally Posted by Mia Had View Post
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WA doesn't do relationship registration so that's not an option sadly. What sponsorship changes are coming?
Also in WA.

I applied for my 820 after living with my partner for over a year.
I thought we didn't have enough evidence back then.
No children, not married yet.
No joint lease agreement as we lived in my partner's house and my partner didn't want to supply a copy of his mortgage...(stubborn)
No joint name bills as my partners paid them on his own and he was too lazy to add my name.
We owned a dog and I paid vet bills. But I forgot to put my partner's name down on the dog registration paper so it looked like the dog was only mine.
Had a joint account which we didn't use much back then.
I had met all his family but he only met my distant relatives over here who didn't believe our relationship would last...

Anyway I went ahead to apply the visa with what I got on hand and I got 820 granted in 10 months.

So be confident and gather as much evidence as you can.

If you cant register your relationship in WA, a minimum of 12 months living together is essential.

Good luck!

Hello Alice what are the documents you submitted then when you applied your PV820? Were on the same situation, my partner is stubborn as well and I am struggling with the what documents should I submit since I don’t have any. We recently got married and how long did you submitted all the documents after you lodge your visa application?

Thank you dor your reply
Sorry I dont usually log onto the forum. I front loaded my application expect the medical. Got a generic email 4 months after the application requesting medical, form 80 and more evidence for the relationship. I supplied letters from both of us with same address, photos, phone call records and chat history though we were never apart, flight tickets for holidays. During the wait, invitation to my brother and his Australian visitors Visa, more flight tickets. I even supplied my ielts test result and my degree paper. Dont know why I did that lol

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