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Hi all.
I am the sponsor (aus citizen) and my fiance is overseas (Philippines).

We are planning to apply for a visitor visa for him
so that we can spend time together in mid May.

He will only be here for 2 weeks which will be until the end of May (he cant stay longer anyway because thats the max amount of time he can get to leave from his job).

Hypothetically speaking, probably his Visitor Visa may be granted and may have a validity period of 3 months or 6 months or 1 year..?

But in mid June we are planning to lodge our Prospective Marriage Visa (thats the earliest time we can lodge it because of other personal matters).

So let's say after he visits here in MAY, he will be back in the Phillipines and
in mid JUNE we will lodge the PMV.
Once we lodge the PMV, does that mean his visitor visa (lets say for example it will still by valid by june) will not be valid anymore?

Because after we lodge the PMV , maybe months later he will visit me here again while pmv decision will be pending.