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820 - Contact while apart

Hi all,

Just wondering what your thoughts are on this. So my husband came over on a PMV 300 visa in which we provided chat logs etc. When we applied for his 820 we only submitted evidence from the date we applied for the 300 i.e things that weren't included in the 300 application. We submitted Skype logs which show that we video called 2-3x per week for HOURS at a time. So we probably video chatted 12 hrs a week (the duration is shown in the logs). We did not supply chat excerpts though. At the time I thought there wasn't much point because Skype shows that we maintained very regular contact during this period apart and now that we're married and living together we have other evidence to show the dynamic of our relationship, unlike when you're long distance and the chat excerpts can show discussion of future plans etc. However, now I'm wondering if we should have included the chat excerpts? I really wasn't worried about it before but I guess when you read things about refusals etc it can play on your mind.

This is a list of the evidence we supplied

All ID documents for both of us
Optus Bill in both names addressed to us
Proof of authority on electricity and internet account - addressed to both of us
Skype Records
Marriage Certificate
Mail that was addressed to both of us (cards, wedding invites, wedding gifts)
3 x 888 (Two by our original witnesses for the PMV 888s and one new)
Bank statements (Joint account + additional card holder on credit card which is paid from the joint account. Both of our paycheques go into the joint account and all of our bills are paid from it.)
Joint savings
Boarding Passes
Joint IGA and Costco rewards/membership cards
Receipts of my husband depositing his saved USD into the joint account before he found a job here.
Text messages which are pretty banal but mostly just discussing things like dinner, work, looking after the dog etc
Wedding photos,
Superannuation forums
Evidence of joint activities (invites, photos, receipts, Facebook etc)

The only thing we haven't done yet is our will because we had an appointment which had to be rescheduled for 4 weeks later.

We have the form 80 ready to go and will also supply any police checks, medical if requested.

Thanks everyone.