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Originally Posted by cookbarry View Post
not sure what you mean . An onshore partner visa can not be applied to while still offshore . The problem is that , after a visitor visa is obtained( with no NFS condition ),
the partner of the aussie citizen arrives in OZ and then decides after a short period to apply for an ONSHORE partner visa . But the partner can not apply undid after her aussie partner has been assessed as a suitable sponsor and presented police certificate or certificates . That assessment procedure might take months which would mean the onshore partner visa application could not be made as the 3 month visitor visa would have expired and the foreign would be in home country . If able to
get a longer term visitor visa which ios not easy, it could work out well. This new
law on partner sponsorship and problems it might cause have been raised on another thread on this wonderful site . Sorry for any typing errors as no time to check !
I think what's Aussie83 is saying is that the sponsor may be able to apply for sponsorship long before the applicant arrives in Australia to apply onshore, so that by that point, the sponsor has already been approved and there is no worry on a current visa running out and the applicant can make the application once they're onshore.

So it stops those last minute applications just to stay onshore because a visa is running out.

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