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Originally Posted by mar2016 View Post
I'm sorry to hear that. Did they say the reason why? Good luck with the tribunal.
Things just got worse with the 2nd Immigration agent giving incorrect advice that a) Cost us a lot of $$ and b) Jepourdised or AAT appeal.
That means we have changed immigration agents yet again... 3rd time lucky as this guy is proactive. Turns out that both other agents were slack and were not giving us the correct advice.

Added to that there is now a 44,000 case backlog to appeal to the AAT which means the 12 months has now blown out to 24-36 month wait. By the time we appear, it will be nearly 5-6 years of blood sweat and tears.

The documentation required for the appeal is even more stringent than the initial application with most documentation having to be redone. All our activities, financial and social have to be reported in detail on a monthly basis.
This has nearly killed me as it is very stressful and still no guarantee at the end of the day.
The cost of using the other agents is costly and legal fees will be greater than the sum we will sue for.

What really irks me is that these refugees get into the country without all these stringent requirements and get the red carpet treatment.

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