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What do you mean by:” she didn't change her name for immigration until late 2018” ??
She applied for both 820 and 801 with her maiden name? How to do that and then use husbands name to get work and bank account?? It s not illegal to use 2 names at same time? I m confused about it

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Hello, i want to ask people who already got married coming from 300 prospective marriage visa about name change.

I’m a girl from romania who will marry my australian fiancee in Australia. I know i can choose to change my name to his name But what does that imply for me?

Do i need to go back to my country and register the marriage as well? And So i can change my name official and ID, passport, etc??

How i apply for another visa? With my name or his? If i won’t go back and have a new ID with my new name??

Someone who been through this please answer.
My wife, on choosing to use my name, had her new passport done in the new name at her embassy here in Australia.
It wasn't essential though as she could have retained her old name in her countries passport, and waited till an Australian passport for that change.

Even though she came via the PMV, she didn't change her name for immigration until late 2018, just before the 801 was granted.

She had changed it for various things like bank accounts though, from when we were married, in 2016.

Name changes for most things are done using the marriage certificate.

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