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Student visa 500 with 820/801 in process

Hi everyone, apologies that this is a bit lengthy. Will appreciate feedback or advice on general as some may have had if not the same, related experience.

-My student visa subclass 500 is valid till March 2021 with a dependent (5 year old daughter who lives with us who goes to school as kindergarten student)
-I applied partner visa 820/801 in november 2018. Me and my partner lodged it and we were not represented by a migration agent. BVA is inactive as I’m still holding my Student as the substantive visa.
-I am on leave of absence from Uni for the period July 2018-June2019 due to pregnancy. I gave birth to our son (with my sponsor/partner) in January 2019.

As I am due to be back from uni this July 2019, we are planning to cancel my student visa due to the following reasons:
- I am a full time mom looking after our children school Aged and a newborn
-with the change in circumstances, I am currently not in the position to afford uni fee including that of my dependent’s school fee. She goes to Public school which we also have to pay international school
Fee based on our visa.
- my father was recently diagnosed with cancer.

We are aware of the consequences arising from this action: BVA being cancelled, need to acquire BVE and the like.

As we understand the complication and criticality of visa cancellation, we wish to know detailed process of doing it and any helpful advice. Thought of seeking assistance from migration lawyer but fees they charge are a rip off.

Thank you!