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Originally Posted by sky17 View Post
Hi Cinnamon Sugar,

Do you know if your agent has contacted the case officer to follow-up your application?

In my case, I have been on BVA for 16 months. I was also very worried as I haven't heard anything from them or even get the 820 grant at that time. So my agent contacted the CO to follow up my application. She told me there's no harm in trying. After she called the CO, they asked for additional information (Form 80). Then 3 months after, I got my 801 visa approved.

Also, make sure that you continue to submit new evidence to show that the relationship is still ongoing.

All the best!

We were asked to provide additional information which our agent has our form80 since 2017. On top of that we were asked to gather more evidence of me and my partner living together, i.e. mailing addresses for letters and such in the same address. What I did to provide a concrete proof or legitimacy the least, is i screencapped our social media accounts/posts, my phone's camera roll with the geotagged locations as we can't provide a lease contract since we're just renting a room here in Sydney. If I remember correctly, it was around February when we were asked to provide additional information.

I just want to get this visa over the line TBH. It's no fun having to apply BVB via mail all the time and can't do it online

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