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Just a Reminder (Family, Spouse Visa Time line)

I like to check the -Family, Spouse, Visa Thread- and read the timelines of other members in this forum.

I understand the process to get a visa is sometimes, long, difficult, and with lots to fill in, but sometimes I wonder how some people get their visas if they canīt even follow the timeline and order of that thread.

Wanderer, has been posting with an immense patience the text below:

Just a Reminder
No Chit Chat on this Thread thanks!
Guys, I know it's a temptation to be asking what's going on etc. especially when you have been waiting a while and feel free to open a thread on your progress, much as many people have.
But we do want a timeline section to be exactly that and not so much for chit chat for it'll lose its real purpose as a reference thread. Little explanatory notes OK but no chit chat for it'll just go back and forwards too much

Itīs just my point of view with no regrets to anyone. I also know new members of the forum are confused and we all do mistakes.

Itīs also a pity when people post their timeline but donīt update, even if they got the visa. That timeline has been precious for me, reading other people experiencies, learning, and realising Iīm not the only one waiting. At the end I feel very pleased when I see people getting their visas.

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