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Originally Posted by Cielo123 View Post
Hi Guys,
Just want

Congratulations on your visa Grant.
Just have a question, did you do Medical test for your 820 visa or not? As you come from PMV 300 visa and you provide your medical test back in then.
I also applied for my 820 last week but haven't done my medical yet.
Thanks and congratulations again.
Medical was not asked on my case.
Maybe because it was less than a year that i have submitted the Medical for the PMV. I could be wrong.
I was asked for AFP coz i have lived in Australia for more than 12 months. They will ask for AFP to those who had lived in Oz for a TOTAL of 12 months or more for the past 10 years. It doesnt need to be consecutive. Coz I started visiting Oz only in 2014 but they still.asked me for AFP.

I suggest if u have lived in OZ for 12 months or more get the AFP straight.

Good luck.

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