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Originally Posted by Aztec View Post
There seems to be a common pattern here: a forum member generously offers their help, and a select few, veiled behind their righteousness, jump all over them. Maybe the forum should limit the number of posts per week, to prevent it from becoming a social network platform and allow other members to help each other.
Not at all. People are welcome to share their own experiences, compare what they have included in their applications, point out where in migration regulations they can find information, etc. And in this way, forum members are hugely helpful to each other and we encourage this.

But for someone who is not a registered migration agent to say "send it to me and I'll look at it and edit the content for you" (which is how I along with others interpreted the post) I think steps too far into the realm of offering advice. This is when people will caution both the person making the offer and also the person receiving the offer that not only does this step over the legal line, but really it puts the applicant at some risk of putting their application into the hands of an amateur (no disrespect to the person making the offer - even after spending many years on forums, I would never claim to be anything more than an amateur).
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