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I used to know a little more than the average Joe on a few of the visa types and processing locations, I spent hundreds of hours possibly even a few thousand hours doing research while doing some of our applications (sometimes with a RMA).

I am very much not current now with what I then learnt.

A work college approached me a few weeks ago to look over his 820 application, I did but said I was not a RMA and way out of date.

They clearly had done a lot of homework (knowing 888's take a long time was one)

Other than sort your files better, they disagreed on relationship start date in the paperwork - again I stressed I was not a RMA they are fully aware what that means.

I did recommend a few RMA's but they were time short - no money changed hands nor ever will, but I get all the updates inc the BVB only took 3 days and we just uploaded x. I think he was more lonely of the visa process than incapable, once he could talk about it lots of stress was released.

So did I advise?

I think no - I proof read and found an error and informed the error.

I certainly did not advise 820 was a good or bad option or on what to supply or exclude.

My advice to all after the years I have played with visas is -

A) use a Registered Migration Agent if you can (afford)
B) use a Registered Migration Agent if a DYI goes pear shaped or a visa is refused.
C) use a Registered Migration agent to review a application (only a few do).
D) do a very lot of homework if you can not use a Registered Migration Agent.

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