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Originally Posted by sm13 View Post
Hi everyone!

I'm brand new to this forum and have decided to join in and post after a friend recommended it to me.

I was hoping I could get a little guidance as I didn't find the Gov Immi helpline very helpful.

I'm from the UK and currently on a Working Holiday Visa (first year). My partner (Australian) and I have been together for almost 2 1/2 years and we are currently looking at applying for a De Facto partner visa.

I am currently working at a great company that would like to offer me a full time role. However, I have heard that the bridging visa mirrors your current working restrictions. My current visa only allows me to work at one company for no more than 6 months and I have found it incredibly hard to find jobs and stability.

My questions are
- Whether anybody else is in/has been in a similar situation
- If anyone knows of any way around this or what I can do so I can work without restrictions?

Having to do potentially almost 2 1/2 years of temp jobs is really deterring me from applying. It doesn't seem like a sustainable condition for any applicant.

My visa expires soon and my partner and I are completely new to this process.

Thanks in advance for any answers!
The Immigration help line is unfortunately not a good source of information as this isn't what they're trained for.

If you lodge your onshore partner visa, you will be granted a bridging visa A which will give you unrestricted work rights (this is always the case when applying for a partner visa). If you haven't yet reached the 6-month limit with your employer, you could simply continue working once the bridging visa takes effect. If you will reach the 6-month limit before your WHV expires, you could submit a completed form 1445 ( and ask that they lift the 6-month limitation. From what I've heard, they are usually pretty agreeable to this and it's listed as one of the "exceptional situations" where it's possible for them to lift the 6-month limitation.

Good luck!
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