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Sharing Experience: 820 Partner visa (from PMV) - Vietnam

Hi all,

Just updating my wife's 820 visa application (from PMV). It got granted today.
Strangely enough, I only attached three extra documents on top of what was submitted for the PMV (evidence from PMV was resubmitted in the 820 app).
Due to our busy life, (wife adjusting, getting job etc. and I recently changed jobs myself), we could't update it as quick as we wanted to.
The plan was to further update this month with more detailed documents, including updated statements from friends.

Not sure what they based the decision on but it's approved
Now will update and wait for the 801.


820 Visa App: July 2019 via online
PMV expired: 5th August 2019
820 Visa approved: 10th September 2019
No agent used as I think my application was quite straight forward.

Submitted with the following additional evidence/attachments:
Marriage certificate
Marriage registration
Australian TFN

Personal Relationship Statement (past/current/future) from applicant
Personal Relationship Statement (past/current/future) from sponsor (Stat Dec)
Form 888 x 4 (all Australian friends of sponsor that have met the applicant)
Passport pages & photos (both)
Copy of sponsor Australian citizenship (sponsor)
Driver’s licences (both)
Birth Certificate (applicant)
Form 80 (applicant)
Copy of Invitation Letters from Sponsor that was used for Applicant’s previous Visitor Visas
NOIM & Letter from celebrant
Photographs - various different locations/events/holidays bundled by date per file, with family & friends
Extract of FB messages over the years
Screen shot of Facebook friendship
Various Travel Documents/itinerary/plane tickets from our trips
Receipts of presents bought (sponsor to applicant)
Receipts from AusPost for various packages sent (sponsor to applicant)
3x Form 1023 Notification of incorrect answers (had some dates mixed up in the personal statement, and correcting the confusion with "non-migrating family members" questions in the application)
Police Clearance from two different countries (applicant)
AFP Clearance (sponsor)

PMV Applied: 19 Feb 2018
PMV Bio-metrics/ID: Completed Feb 2018
PMV Application Made Via: Online
PMV Medicals Submitted: Completed July 2018
PMV Police Checks Submitted: Completed July 2018
PMV Case Office Assigned: Yes - first contact 09/08/2018
PMV Further Details Requested: 9 August 2018 - Completed 20/08/2018
PMV Sponsor AFP Check: Completed 20th August 2018
PMV Further Details Requested: 04 October 2018 - Completed 25 October 2018
PMV Sponsor Single Certificate: Completed 25 October 2018
PMV Visa Granted: 05 Nov 2018 after approx. 9months (expire 05 August 2019)
PMV Arrival: April 2019

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