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Originally Posted by Aztec View Post
Yes, I have pointed out this ethically ill-advised practice out in the past to the chagrin of some of the agents here. One particular agent who has already responded here has tirelessly given many people assistance without ever stating the all too familiar phrase "you might consider contacting a migration agent". I do not lump him in with the others. I have since sent copies of some of the more blatant solicitations to MARNA, we'll see if they do anything about it. They did respond with an RFI for contact details, so at the very least their names will be on their radar I suppose. Also when any other form of visa help is displayed, they all shout it down or remove the post. One has to wonder what is going on in the back rooms here. In any other arena this practice would be investigated and halted.
Peter Bollard and George Lombard have been recommended very often for medical issues here- I have never seen them post here nor asked for their names to be removed.

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