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Originally Posted by misseswonder View Post

Hi Starfish88,

We applied in January 2019. We uploaded everything the same time. I had my police checks done before hand so I submitted it the same day I submitted the application.

I had my medical checks done in February 2019 because I had to travel to another country to get it done.

I never had any contact from immigration but I noticed my police certificate was going to expire. So I got a new one in July 2019.

A few days after I submitted the new police check I got the grant.

It was a 6.5 month wait in all.

My fiance and I have been together long distance for 6 years so I'm very happy that we can finally be together in the same space.

Hi misseswonder, I've seen in another post you're from Barbados, I'm from Mexico my timeline is very similar to yours, except no grant yet. I was wondering if you ever flew to Australia during those six years?
I got my visitor refused in May and I'm scared that they would doubt of our relationship because I haven't visit him in Australia. ( we already travel together in Europe last year)

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