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Originally Posted by CCMS View Post
I think there are 2 main considerations:

1) Will you have enough evidence for a de-facto relationship?
2) What if the new sponsorship rules come into place by the time you are ready to apply for a 820/801 visa? This would require the sponsorship to be approved in the 3 month period of your tourist visa, before a visa application can be lodged.

By applying for a sc. 300 visa now, you will have a head-start of about 7 months.

It may also be wothwhile having a look at skilled visas, but I assume you have already done that.
Hi Nick,

Thanks for your input!

1) I was not aware that there were significant documentation requirements for a de-factor partner registration. When reading online I got the impression it was more official identification papers etc… What is required? We have a lot of photos, plane tickets, travels together, extensive WhatsApp-conversation (daily through the duration of relationship and the lead up and been connected on Facebook for 12 years from when we initially met) and various social media postings (including our engagement).

2) Can we submit an application for sponsor approval ahead of my Visa-application (and the fee), or does everything have to happen at the same time with the new rules?

Is there any way of getting a guesstimate on processing time for the 300? I.e. calling the embassy (I assume I would be processed in Berlin?) or is it just a lottery...? It’s the uncertainty on processing times that makes this choice so difficult…

Skills Visa:
I have looked into the skills-visas. I think I would qualify for a handful of the occupations on the 189-list, but have not gone through a skills assessment yet. I will either get 65 og 75 points (depending on my English level), and I read that only applicants for the 189 and 190 with 80+ points are invited… Then there’s the processing times for these… So I have mainly been considering partner-visas lately. If I got a company sponsorship things would obviously change…

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