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My fiance is French but is currently living in Toronto. We lodged his pmv300 May 2019. Got asked for police clearance around June and now we wait. What's your timeline?
Hi Starfish88,

We applied in January 2019. We uploaded everything the same time. I had my police checks done before hand so I submitted it the same day I submitted the application.

I had my medical checks done in February 2019 because I had to travel to another country to get it done.

I never had any contact from immigration but I noticed my police certificate was going to expire. So I got a new one in July 2019.

A few days after I submitted the new police check I got the grant.

It was a 6.5 month wait in all.

My fiance and I have been together long distance for 6 years so I'm very happy that we can finally be together in the same space.
Hi Misseswonder congratulations on your grant!! been 3mos now since we applied. Haven't heard anything from CO since we submitted the piloce clearance. We are patiently waiting and praying for a news.

I wonder if it has something to do with our NOIM, as we plan to get married next year April.

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