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Originally Posted by LadyRogueRayne View Post
I had no issues getting a permanent job on my bridging visa. However, I'm a teacher and our school was in desperate need. The department of education here in WA seems to be much better about that sort of thing. I know of several others (teachers and even a school nurse) who were able to gain permanent positions while waiting on resident visas. I guess it all depends on the type of employment, the agency and the location. And as J&E stated, how many qualified applicants they have. Best of luck to you!
Interesting, I got offered permanent work here as an EA at our regional school that my partner teaches at (was casual for about a year whilst looking for work) but then a much better paying job was offered in the mines department for WA. I had a choice of perm EA work or fixed contract Mines work. You are completely correct though, the education department is really good with employing people on bridging visa's or even working holiday visa's.

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