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Originally Posted by taco View Post
Two thoughts:
1) You need a lot more evidence to qualify as a de-facto partner than social media and time together, especially if not living together. There are 4 categories that you need to provide evidence for, and demonstrate you have a mutual commitment to the exclusion of all others.
2) The criteria apply at the moment of filing the application, irrespective of when they actually look at it. So any updates in April will (likely) not be relevant if you lodge (much) before that.

From your current posts its hard to judge how much good evidence you could really provide, and it sounds like you might benefit from a proper consultation with an Registered Migration Agent. But it seems the PMV 300 might be a more plausible route.


I have read that if you do get married whilst the 300 is being processed, it is automatically transferred to a 820?
I am a bit surprised that developments in the relationship are not considered, seeing the processing time is so long.

And you are right, the 300 seems to be the best route - just very frustrating that the visibility on processing is so bad. A granting after 4 and 14 months does really impact your life...

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