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Originally Posted by Aus128 View Post
Hi everyone,

I know that its been asked before, but just wondering if anyone can share their recent experience in applying for permanent job while on bridging visa for 820?

I’m in such situation and i found it very frustrating that on Seek, most emoloyer would ask about your visa status in their questionnaire, and it seems that unless your answer is Citizen/PR most employer will just reject your resume without even taking a look at it

Just wondering if anyone can share their current/past experience looking for permanent job while they are on bridging visa

Thank you 🙂
I think it totally depends on the employer. I work for the state government and when I applied to my job I just showed my BVA grant letter and never heard anything else! I’m ongoing/perm employed. I think with the use of VIVO it makes it much easier to check staff are eligible

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