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Originally Posted by Ratcliffe123 View Post
Got my 820 grant through yesterday, have been stalking these forums for a while now whilst waiting for my 820. I am a British dude and my partner is Aussie.

Timeline: Applied 21st May 2018
Request for more information End of May 2019
Grant of 820: 21st August 2019

I almost laughed as it came through. I got a job for the WA government in April this year and due to my visa (bridging visa A) I couldn't apply for a permanent position until I have permanent residency. They were extending my contract every 3 months but November this year is when they have to advertise the position. I sent an email off (from my work email which has a "" ending asking who I might be able to speak to about this issue and what I could do to about my situation. Literally an hour later I get the grant notice, along with a reply to my work email stating my 820 was granted. So happy, as now they will allow me to apply for the permanent position, and whilst I cannot accept a permanent position until I get 801, they can offer me a long fixed term position whilst I wait for it.

I am curious whether I could have just sent an email ages ago to get the grant notice haha. and I sent the email to the address shown in my request for information.
Congratulations! I tried that trick... also a state government employee here. I got an email back saying “the email address you used is not associated with your application”

Worth a try!

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