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Thanks for your reply, well fingers crossed applying for the BVBs doesn’t have any effect on the processing times.. Also cheers for letting us know about the lady who’s had hers granted. Thanks again 🙂

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Hi all! My partner applied for the 461 early Aug 2017 and applied within Australia. Still waiting on the visa which is very frustrating. Completed all forms and have lived together 6+ years, any others still waiting the full 26-28 months plus? Also congrats to anyone who has been granted recently 🙂

I applied 3rd July 2017 and have yet to hear anything, I’ve just been granted my third Bridging Visa B to leave the country and that’s until the middle of February 2020. It’s definitely been a looooong wait, I came over here on a ETA visa so I haven’t been able to work in that time. I am a member of a 461 group on Facebook and a lady had applied 2 weeks before me and has just had it granted so it should be close to our turn. It’s slightly frustrating that people applying in London, Auckland etc are having it granted within 6/12 months! Just keeping my fingers crossed I will hear something soon but I do wonder if I’ve just pushed myself back further by applying for another Bridging Visa.

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