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Originally Posted by Julia58Luke View Post

My husband and I are about to apply for the 820/801 Partner Visa. We are currently gathering our evidence and we've come to our bank statements. We've been a couple for three years and have a shared bank account for about 9 months back when we lived in Australia. When it comes to our own bank statements, how much should be supplied? If we supply everything from when we got together we will have a total of around 150 pages. Most of it is just transfers between our accounts and groceries. That seems like a lot, but on the other hand we don't want our C.O. to wonder why we chose to leave some months out.

We really appreciate advice from anyone who has experience in this.

Thanks heaps!
Julia and Luke
For the 820 we supplied periodic statements; one or two from when we opened the account; another one 3-4 months later and so on. The lack of the months between was never questioned.

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