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Originally Posted by Long_waiting View Post
Any idea how colombo office is going on? Do they take interviews? I saw some country take interviews some dont. Waiting for 25 months for v309 and no RFI or anything since last 12 months.
Running out of ideas and feel like life has stopped somewhere. No idea what to do.
Colombo AHC median processing time was about 230 days for the fiscal year 17/18. This means 50% of cases were completed in less than 230 days and 50% cases have taken more than 230 days in 17/18 fiscal year. One of the members posted that an application lodged through the Colombo AHC in March 2019 got approved in August 2019. This depends on the case. Some cases are complicated and some are straightforward.

More details of processing times can be found in this post:

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