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Hi everyone

Just wondering if anyone has gotten any Visa grants for a 309 that is from Syria?
Would Love to hear your timeframe as there isn't many discussions about Syrian applicants.

I have been married for almost 1 year now and we are living together in Syria till my wife's Visa is granted. I put an agent to do all our paper's and we sent pretty much all documents the agent asked. We even did the medical for her even when they didn't request it. The agent asked me to send every document in one go. I even sent them proof of a rental application that we are living together in the same appartment and signed by the mayor of province Tartus

We applied start of Jan 2019 and been now waiting a bit over 8 months, and no contact, email, interview, nothing! Don't even know if their looking at our application yet

The Agent told me that the last Syrian female application he did took 9 months for a Visa grant. Could it be that because we are living together is why it's taking longer? Could it be because they wan't to focus on the people that are not living together yet so they don't end the relationship where the people living together takes longer because they see they are already together? I know also it's a High Risk Country, but so are so many other countries which have been getting their Visa within 9-12 month frame.
I don't really wan't to cross the 1 year mark only because so we don't have to do the medical exam again as it is a 4 hour drive to Damascus. But not only that, just more for safety concerns as there have been increased activity of Israel strikes around Damascus

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