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Originally Posted by PerthLondonGirl View Post
We uploaded a selection of bank statements from both of our personal accounts and our joint bank account. Our joint we got when we lived in Australia together, but we have been living in England for the past 5 years so our joint account contains just some savings now (minus a huge visa fee! =P)
So our personal accounts prove more of our shared spendings - we just did 1-2 statements per year and tried to choose ones where we had more significant spending listed (ie flights back to Aus etc).
We annotated each of the statements marking any shared purchases and attached the 1 or 2 pieces of evidence along with it (ie invoice for shared furniture, travel, groceries etc)
Thanks for your response. We're in a similar situation, in that we had our joint bank account for about nine months when we were in Australia. We haven't used it since so our personal accounts provide better examples of transactions that relate to our relationship.
So you didn't have any problems with just submitting a couple of statements from your personal accounts?

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