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Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
Subsequent Entrant 500 Visa

Dear all,

I am a full-time PhD candidate in Australia and my partner is in my home country and. We got married recently and I lodged a subsequent entrant 500 visa for her.
I was single when I applied for my student visa so I could not include my partner's name on my application. I provided our marriage cert, our wedding photos and other supporting documents. However, the CO denied the visa based on the following reasons:
I. We failed to provide evidence of an ongoing relationship or correspondence prior to or since our marriage. Therefore, he/she unable to assess the genuineness of our marriage.
2. We failed to provide evidence of joint property ownership or lease agreement.

3. He/she noted that I declared her name on my student visa application. This is not true as I indicated it above.

To be honest, I found these reasons as mean because they did not give me right to review or appeal.

I spoke to a staff member at DIBP and she suggested that I should inform the DIBP about my marriage and then submit a combined fresh student visa application instead of subsequent entrant as my original student visa application does not have my partner's name.

I would like to enquire if anyone on this platform has experienced such situation or have knowledge about it. If yes, how did you address it?

Sorry for such long essay and thanks for reading it. Hope to hear from you.

Hi Ernie, I'm sorry that, your partner's Subsequent entrant visa has been rejected. May I know, When did you apply ? How long you had to wait to know the visa result ? I've lodged my visa on April 18 2019. It's been nearly 5 months. Still No updates.

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