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Question Defacto Partner - 12 months living together issue

Hi everyone,

Iím new to all this and currently in the process to apply for the Partnership visa through a defacto relationship.
My one question that Iím slightly worried about is the fact me and my partner havenít been living together for 12 months (we have lived around 8 months)

His visa runs out in January which would make it 12 months but obviously we want to apply at the latest by next month..
We have decided the best option is for us to get a civil partnership (from QLD) however will it be okay and accepted as we will get it this month and apply next month?

Are they going to care about the sudden partnership? Or am I worrying?
I didnít realise until to late that we wouldnít make the 12 month living together cut.. so Iím stressed that if I get the civil partnership now itís not been in place long enough? (In saying this I can still prove our defacto relationship has been on going for more than a year) - Iím 23 and we live with my parents so obviously living together happened only after 6 months of being together.

Anyway sorry for the long post! Any help would be so appreciated.. Iím very stressed 😩

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