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Thankyou SLBee!

So just to answer your questions:
1) Applied for the 600 subclass tourist stream. Applied by myself without an agent.
2) In the 1419 form I requested for 3 months but i got a letter from my employer requesting for 5 weeks of leave.
3) Reason was to simply spend time with my husband. We are also celebrating our 3 year wedding anni in Dec so mentioned that as well.
4) its a 1 year multiple entry visa
5) No, that condition was not given.

Hope this helps!

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Just got my tourist visa granted guys for one year<img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Smile" class="inlineimg" /> they processed it in 9 days.. unfortunately the partner visa processing isnt as fast! Lol
Congratulations. Now you can be with your partner, hopefully, until partner visa is granted.

Could you please answer few question for the benefit of the others:
1. Which stream did you apply in visitor visa sub class 600? Tourist stream or sponsored family stream
2. What is the length of stay that you have requested in the visitor visa application?
3. What are the reasons for the visit that you have given? e.g. to travel and see the country, to be with partner, to visit other family and friends etc.
4. Is the visitor's visa for a single 12 months long stay or is it multiple entry for shorter durations within one year time period.
5. Is No Further Stay (condition 8503) given on the visa.

Thank you

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